Portland Police are hiring a college intern to help tackle bike theft

Portland Police are hiring a college intern to help tackle bike theft


Do you want to help police fight bike theft? If so, they’re hiring an intern.

As you know, we worked with the Portland Police Bureau to establish the Bike Theft Task Force last spring. The most important component of that effort was that it granted powers to two Central Precinct officers to spend official city time fighting this epidemic problem.

These officers are doing amazing work, but they only have a very limited time every week to devote to it. One of the biggest challenges we have is human capacity to throw at the problem. Now the PPB has taken a step to fix that by announcing the first-ever intern position devoted to bike theft.

According to the official description, the PPB is looking for someone who can volunteer (it’s unpaid, sorry) for 10-30 hours per month. Here’s more about the position:

The ideal applicant will be interested in bikes and addressing bike theft, and will help to create theft solutions for the City of Portland. The intern will work closely with the Bike Theft Task Force (BTTF), which is largely community driven with Police oversight.
Work may include:

• Research internal reports to analyze trends/patterns
• Distribute tips to the community via creative channels
• Network with BTTF partners in the biking community to promote the mission/goals to reduce bike theft
• Research efforts of other police departments around the nation to develop best practices for a comprehensive approach to the problem
• Work with bicycle recovery to improve practices within the Bureau to locate victims and return seized bikes to owners
• Assist with community engagement events that would promote theft education and bicycle registration.

The new intern will report to Officers Dave Sanders and Dave Bryant — both of whom I can personally vouch for as solid employees who are 100% dedicated to fighting bike theft. Take a look at the PPB Bike Theft Twitter stream to see just a sampling of the work they’ve been doing out there.

class="twitter-tweet" width="500">

This one acquired after @BikeIndex tipped us off that it was being sold on @offerup. Owner almost in tears. pic.twitter.com/E331BHcNqB

— PPB BTTF (@PPBBikeTheft) December 10, 2015

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We don't get over to the east side often enough but yesterday's visit to this hot spot reaped huge dividens… pic.twitter.com/aCQ1bvL7Y8

— PPB BTTF (@PPBBikeTheft) November 20, 2015

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Just recovered a reported stolen in Waterfront park. Good job portland! Seeing more and more registered bikes! pic.twitter.com/54QZRISKUa

— PPB BTTF (@PPBBikeTheft) November 20, 2015

Officers Sanders told me this morning that he’s hoping to find two interns. “There is enough work for someone to do this full time.” As for what the intern will be doing, Sanders said he’s open to expanding what’s on the description. He’s got a list of things that he thinks, “Would drastically benefit the cycling community as a whole.”

“I hope to select two applicants who are passionate about addressing this problem and who may contribute creative solutions to solving it,” he said.

Why doesn’t the PPB just assign more officers to the task? Well, in case you haven’t heard there’s a very acute shortage of officers these days.

The position is only open to currently enrolled college students who are able to work between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Wednesday through Saturday.

If you’re interested, send your application to Jennie Alexander in the PPB Personnel Division via jennie.alexander@portlandoregon.gov. You’ll also need to include a cover letter with contact information, your course of study, your resume, and a brief description of your qualifications and interest in being involved with bike theft prevention.

— Jonathan Maus, (503) 706-8804 – jonathan@bikeportland.org

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