Industry Ticker: First-ever Fat Bike Festival coming to Mt. Hood this Friday

Industry Ticker: First-ever Fat Bike Festival coming to Mt. Hood this Friday


Flyer for the event.

In case you hadn’t realized it yet fat bikes are not just a passing fad. Their popularity has spread all over the country, and the Portland region — with its proximity to lots of sand and snow — is well-poised to be a hotbed (if it isn’t already).

Confirming the trend locally is a new event at Mt. Hood Meadows that just popped into my inbox: a Fat Bike Festival.

Check out the press release for more info:

Fat Bike Festival Features FREE Demos – Friday February 12 at Mt. Hood Meadows

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – Fat bikes are all the rage and in a state like Oregon they should be! These modified mountain bikes sport tires that are twice as wide to provide traction on otherwise unrideable surfaces – like SNOW! They also make beach riding not only possible but fun.

Bike enthusiasts are looking at adding a fat bike to their arsenal, but recreational bike riders should consider making the fat bike their ride of choice. They’re versatile and a lot of fun!

Avid biker and Meadows Director of Mountain Operations Tom Scully says Fat Bikes make a great family activity. “They are easy to ride and the increased traction allows all abilities to enjoy dirt, snow, sand, mud and pavement. They are not at all limiting for a family that wants to ride in all kinds of different places and conditions. We’ll have a single track course and a great place to try out Fat Bikes at our demo. We encourage the entire family to come up and enjoy it.”

Meadows will provide the opportunity to try it Friday, February 12 with free Fat Bike demos provided by Mountain View Cycles of Hood River. With a riding area set up in Yellow Meadow (conveniently located near the North Lodge) and with a course to take some laps on a Fat Bike. You can also bring your own Fat Bike to ride on the snow course.

Preregistration is recommended (though not required) to assure a chance to demo a Fat Bike for free. There is no charge and you can preregister at signed waivers are required so parents must accompany those under 18.

Meadows will make a party of it, thanks to sponsors, Mountain View Cycles, Trek Bikes, Craft Cycling Apparel and Hammer Nutrition showing off product and sampling. Experts will be on hand to talk about Fat Bikes and there will be some fun competitions as well. The event is scheduled from 11 AM – 3 PM Friday, February 12 (weather permitting).

For more details visit

One crazy thing about fat bikes is that ski resorts like Meadows can cater to them year-round. These bikes make snow-biking not just possible – it’s super fun. And in summer, I have a hunch more and more people will show up to the dried-out slopes on fat bikes instead of over-complicated and expensive “downhill” bikes. I’ve yet to spend quality time on a fat bike… But I have a hunch that might change in 2016.

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