Portland’s creative bike shop employees are at it again

Portland’s creative bike shop employees are at it again


Still from the shop’s new video.
Watch it below.

Yes I’m very biased, but I honestly think Portland has the most creative and interesting bike shop owners in the country.

I mean, seriously: We’ve got a bike shop that runs out of a converted yellow school bus (that’s been painted purple); a shop that actually promotes other bike shops and will issue you a library card to checkout saddles before you buy one; a shop that was the first in America to import dutch cargo bikes (thus sparking a nationwide craze); a shop that has created a following for their brilliant newspaper ads, and a shop that has become famous worldwide for its unique blend of welcoming attitude, bar offerings, and bike collection. And I could go on and on.

And now the trend continues thanks to two shops who have mastered video marketing: 21st Avenue Bicycles and Well Tuned Fast (WTF) Bikes.

First up, we have 21st Avenue Bicycles. We love this shop. Not only are they a sponsor of my adventure riding habit, but they always seem to having fun whether they’re working or riding. Their recent creative advertising ploy has to do with streetcar tracks — a familiar nemesis to riders everywhere and something they face often due to their northwest Portland location. Once they’d had enough of the crashes and carnage, they set out in the name of science to do something about it. Check out their new video:

Streetcar Track Science from 21st Avenue Bicycles on Vimeo.

And then we’ve got Mr. Tom Daly from WTF Bikes. I follow him on social media and his “WTF Pro Tip!” Vines always make me laugh. They’re short and to the point and delivered in a brutally honest and funny way. Tom uploads several a week. Here are a few of my favorites (they loop automatically, just click each one for sound):

We love our shops here in Portland. Especially the ones who keep things fun.

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