Forget Daytona, Portland has the ‘Ladd’s 500’

Forget Daytona, Portland has the ‘Ladd’s 500’


Aerial view of Ladd Circle in southeast Portland.

A new event dreamed up by one of Portland’s many creative bike fun enthusiasts could actually wind up making competitors dizzy.

On April 9th a large turnout of riders is expected at Ladd Circle in inner southeast Portland for the first running of the Ladd’s 500. “It’s spring, let’s do something stupid,” described the event’s organizer on Facebook.

Here’s the gist:

“500 laps of Ladd Circle is a century. Form teams of at least 2, switch racers at least 10 times during the race, and turn left for a while. If you want to run it solo, bring two bikes so you can make your switches. Racers are responsible for accurately counting their own laps. Any bike is acceptable, but weirder is funnier. If you’re not racing, let’s party in the middle.”

Actually, forget the Daytona 500, this sounds more like the Little 500 made famous by the classic bicycle movie “Breaking Away” in 1979. Learn more and get the latest updates via the event’s Facebook page.

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