Hi fair-weather riders! I’m glad you’re here

Hi fair-weather riders! I’m glad you’re here

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It happens every year. As the sun finally peeks out and the streets dry up, the roads in Portland bloom with bike riders like the cherry blossoms in Waterfront Park. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Unfortunately not everyone thinks so.

What also happens every year is I get emails and hear grumbling from people who bemoan this time year because “they” have invaded the bikeways. “They” are the “newbies” and fair-weather riders who have no interest in braving the wet and cold winters but are eager to pedal when it’s nice out. I don’t think there’s any shame at all in being someone who only chooses to bike in nice weather.

So this year, instead of sharing complaints from readers who say these less experienced riders need to “learn how to ride damn it!” I’ll just say, “Hello there and welcome! Is there anything I can do to make your ride more enjoyable?”

(Please: Before you start growling at that person in front of you who might be a bit slow or wobbly or unpredictable, just take a deep breath and be thankful they’re on a bike.)

— Jonathan Maus, (503) 706-8804 – jonathan@bikeportland.org

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