The Monday Roundup: SF’s corral colors, the myth of distracted walking & more

The Monday Roundup: SF’s corral colors, the myth of distracted walking & more

New Mural Painted in Bike Parking Corral | March 28, 2015

SF’s newest attraction.
(Photo: SFMTA)

Here are the bike-related links from around the world that caught our eyes this week:

Colorful corral: The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency gets artistic.

Walking myth: The claim that distracted walking accounts for 78 percent of U.S. pedestrian injuries (published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2013 and repeated many times since) is complete baloney.

Billion-dollar fences: In maybe the most anti-freeway speech ever given by a U.S. transportation secretary, Anthony Foxx drew on his own childhood to condemn the ways excessive freeway-building has divided cities. He added a wish that the presidential race might touch on this issue “at some point.”

Perspective swap: A Brazil educational program put bus drivers on stationary bikes as buses blew past to help them understand what it feels like.

Saving bike shops: One entrepreneur says struggling shops need to save themselves.

Gated cities: The “urban revival” hasn’t been about population returning to cities. It’s been about rich people returning to cities.

Suburban bust: In Northern Virginia’s long-thriving Fairfax County, residents are going gray, infrastructure bills are coming due and leaders are nervous.

Quicker changes: The NYC policy director behind Times Square and other fast, cheap projects has written a guide for cities that want to create such programs.

Autonomous cars: If self-driving cars end stoplights, Vox speculates, that could actually be really bad for everything else on streets.

Bike-share investigation: The City of Seattle has hired an outside lawyer to investigate Transportation Director Scott Kubly’s decisions around the Pronto bike share system.

Vision Zero journal: NYC’s main advocacy group released the first issue of an “international journal of traffic safety innovation.”

Slow trains: The United States trails Turkey and Uzbekistan in a new ranking of high-speed rail.

Robots vs. messengers: raced a profesional courier against a guy with a Garmin.

Advocacy investment: Carlton Reid says the bike industry needs to do more of it to create new customers.

Jane Jacobs: The 20th century urban critic was right about what makes cities great, a study found.

People on bikes: Burundi.

Belgian fatalities: Two Belgian athletes died while biking last week.

Bike mayor? The frontrunning candidate for mayor of London has big promises on biking and an auspicious name.

And for your video of the week, it was only a matter of time — a matter of the calendar, to be specific — before Google Netherlands introduced the self-driving bicycle:

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