Five rides before Friday: This week in Pedalpalooza

Five rides before Friday: This week in Pedalpalooza

Sunday Parkways Southeast-15

Tandem riders unite! Though not necessarily in matrimony.
(Photo: J.Maus/BikePortland)

Don’t postpone all your bike fun until the weekend! Here are a few highlights from the Pedalpalooza calendar from the next few weekdays.

Open Architecture PDX
Everybody talks about new building; this ride invites people to do something about it. “We will be touring vacant sites or unused land in the area and inviting our members to sketch their ideas for the site.” 6 p.m. Monday.

Dapper Tandem Twinsies
“We’ll promenade around town looking classy, stop at a classy grocery for classy on-the-go drinks, and play some classy lawn games.” 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Solar System Ride
“We’ll start at the sun (scaled to a 26″ wheel) and ride to Neptune along the west esplanade, stopping at each planet to learn some nerdy planet facts.” 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Dead Baby Alleycat
The Dead Babies are one of the Northwest’s most storied bicycle clubs; they’re hosting an alleycat race. Test your routing wits against all comers. “Fun and prizes.” 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.
This race was rescheduled to Saturday but not yet updated in the Pedalpalooza calendar. Don’t show up Wednesday!

Monkey Puzzle Trees of NoPo ride
An easy-paced tour of 11 “living fossils” still on the rise around north Portland. 5:45 p.m. Thursday.

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