Yearning for change after a painful week

Yearning for change after a painful week

No week passes without violence somewhere. And as we’ve watched the horrific deaths this week in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas ricochet around our country, it’s been impossible to ignore the ways violence shapes and constrains human lives — for some of us far more than for others.

Jonathan, heading back from a family vacation today, wrote me this morning to suggest that even for a site that’s proudly obsessed with bicycling, it’s worth acknowledging the number and depth of the other problems in the country and the world. And it’s worth considering what actions each of us can take to help solve them.

We don’t have answers. But we’ll see you, as usual, on Monday.

Feel free to discuss these issues here if you’d like. If you do, please be conscious that this may be a painful and potentially frightening time for many people of color; for many people in law enforcement; and for many other Americans of every stripe.

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