Portlander competing in self-supported bike race across Europe

Portlander competing in self-supported bike race across Europe

Nathan in Riverview Cemetery early this week.(Photo: Nathan Jones)

Nathan Jones in Riverview Cemetery earlier this week.
(Photo: Nathan Jones)

Portlander Nathan Jones, who some of you might recall as the energy and spirit behind the weekly Thursday Night Ride, is about to tackle a ride of a completely different magnitude: An 18,0 00 journey around the world.

It’s the World Cycle Race and Jones is currently in Belgium where the riders are about to start. To help fund his four-month journey Jones has set up a GoFundMe campaign where he’s already raised nearly $4,000 from 58 people.

Here’s more from Jones about the task that lies ahead:

“This will take me across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, India, and the Malay Peninsula.

This will involve me pedaling on average for 18 hours a day. I will not have a support vehicle, the only support I will have will be the random trail angels, and those who are fortunate enough to be watching while I ride through. There will be other forms of support though, mostly family, friends, and great people I have yet to meet but are fascinated by the thrill of global bike racing.

This sort of racing is often referred to as self supported, and to a large part that remains very true. I will be all out on my own, with little more than my wits for months while I endlessly pour every ounce of my willpower into moving a bike aound the planet. That self support stops though in the form of the hundreds if not thousands of people willing to help support this crazy endeavor of mine. That can be anywhere from just watching my progress and relaying it to friends, to meeting me on route and buying a hotel, helping schedule with last minute flights, or helping to box up a bike.

There are endless, countless ways folks can support me without giving any cash. Just looking on in admiration and being inspired to dream bigger dreams is hugely appreciated. Life is really, terribly, tragically short, and my motto these days is “If I can’t aim for the moon, then I’ll aim for around the planet.” I appreciate being able to inspire folks and all the support that I receive in the process, I can’t thank people enough who are happy to see me fullfil my dreams and I hope to return the favor.”

The rules of the race are simple: Riders must pedal around the world by going either east or west without doubling back. There are two checkpoints they must visit and their progress is tracked via GPS.

Jones is no stranger to enduracing riding — whether he’s doing it himself or sharing his passion with others. In addition to his role with the Thursday Night Right (or “TNR” as regulars call it), Jones is also behind the Trans Am Bike Race and his latest project, the Steens Mazama 1000 just wrapped up last week.

To stay inspired by his journey and cheer him on as he goes, follow along via Facebook and Instagram.

Go Nathan! Good luck out there.

— Jonathan Maus, (503) 706-8804 – jonathan@bikeportland.org

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