Weekly Video Roundup: Right-hook PSA, Red Hook in London, local mountain biking, and more

Weekly Video Roundup: Right-hook PSA, Red Hook in London, local mountain biking, and more

Welcome to the weekly video roundup. The posting of this has been a little sporadic recently- sorry about that. I’m not promising it’ll be better, but at least I’m posting it now, right? After reviewing about 110 videos I’m starting this week with an old Tom Peterson commercial. He was a Portland legend in furniture sales and died recently. How does this relate to bikes? It doesn’t, really, but it’s “old Portland” and worth making an exception for. I remember him more from this era, “free is a very good price”. (hat tip to TB and MA for this)

This PSA from Singapore has some great visuals about the space trucks need when they turn. Wish I could snap my fingers and have everyone see and understand this.

The Red Hook Crit was a New York race, but it has expanded to other big cities- London, Barcelona, and Milan. Here’s the London race. It’s cool to see the race from action cameras. (see also: KymNonStop’s video)

This video from Georgena Terry is old, but that’s fine- she does a great job showing the difference between flat bars and drop bars in terms of bike fit. Terry basically created the female-specific bike industry.

The little ‘beatitudes’ from Strava are subtle portraits of why the outdoors is fun. I liked this one:

Some may know I came from a motorcycling background, then became a Fred, then got into cycling for everything else. This video from Kitsbow and Breadwinner Cycles is a love letter to the Gorge and an interesting mix of my three stages- it opens showing motorcycles carrying bicycles around the turn at Vista House and then goes into the design of the bikes. Bike racks for motorcycles aren’t easy, it makes more sense for mountain biking than road cycling, though.

Speaking of mountain bikes, there are a lot of goodies coming out of the Lenzerheide World Cup in Switzerland. I especially like the 9-50 rear cassette.

This review of the Enduro World Series shows pro riders on some tricky sections of a downhill course. They compare the risky line to the slower line. Watch Fabian Barel pivot the bike at 1:18 or so. Some more of those endo hops at the 3:00 mark.

There are very few things better than PathLessPedaled, but Mike Cotty’s Col Collective is great. The scenery and climbs are so beautiful. The current video is going up Col de Joux Plane. Lean back and watch.

The new iPhones have a great high-speed/slow-motion mode, and this video makes great use of it. Watch how fast the riders are going and how this bottle handoff goes so well.

Cycliq makes a rear view camera for bikes, and they now make a front one too. They compiled some of the wild animal encounters people have had. I liked the crazy bird and the deer that goes sliding. (warning, there’s a crash near the end)

Inside Edition did the bait bike thing (with really annoying narration) in Los Angeles. Note they say the first guy used a ‘wire cutter’. I guess it cuts wire, but.. that’s a bolt cutter. I wonder if the second guy was actually charged.

Honorable Mentions

This week’s honorable mentions: how Stages retrofits power meters to bike cranks (much more detail-oriented than other aftermarket meters), Biketown station installation, PathLessPedaled talks to a business owner who is thrilled by the business that comes from cyclists on the nearby bike trail, modern coil shocks for bikes, new Showers Pass backpack (featuring many Portland locations), new Showers Pass duffel bag (featuring OBRA), and GMBN’s top 10 viewer mountain bike crashes (warning: self-inflicted crashes).

Inclusion criteria: If I’ve missed something, post it in the comments! I prefer videos published in the last week or so. Note if there’s a specific point in a long video that is worth highlighting. Also note if there is colorful language. I will delay videos containing pro racing spoilers by 7 days.

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42

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