The Monday Roundup: Slower trucks, MAMILs, bikeway band-aids, and more

The Monday Roundup: Slower trucks, MAMILs, bikeway band-aids, and more


Welcome to Monday. Here are the stories that caught our eyes last week…

Take notes: A diverse mix of experts — a consultant, a planner, an advocate, a politician — share how to make cycling safer in Montreal, and the insights can be applied to almost any serious cycling city.

Anti-bike bingo: Create your own anti-bike rant with this convenient form! All you need is a desire for inane clickbait.

The End of Road Riding: We’ve been discussing this on Twitter lately: The idea that some vehicle operators have become so irresponsible that many long-time road riders are so afraid they are giving up and finding other things to do — or other, off-highway places to ride.

Dedicated lanes or nothing: Seems obvious: To make streetcar work better, give it a dedicated lane.

MAMILs strike again: Fascinating article about a village in England is sick and tired of “lycra louts” fouling up “their” streets.

Right-of-way gone wrong: The danger of being too polite to vulnerable roadway users isn’t just a Portland thing.

“Cross bikes” a band-aid? A smart urban planner and former Portlander (hi Katrina!) takes aim at our latest “bikeway innovation” and says it’s just a band-aid that won’t help us become a world-class biking city.

Another carsharing option: Portland is now home to yet another carsharing service. BMW’s ReachNow seems similar to Biketown bike share. All you need is the app and a PIN and you can use the cars by-the-minute.

If Paris can do it: The government of one world’s greatest cities understands that busy roads have no place in the urban ecosystem and will create a two-mile carfree stretch along the Seine River.

What’s good transit worth?: $56, according to a new report based on an analysis of real estate listings in New York City. A local organizer of our recent gas tax says that has “huge implications” for our local policy debate about housing and transportation investment.

Autonomous cars are over: The breathless enthusiasm about driverless cars has made us uneasy for a long time. Now pessimism about their role in our future is becoming mainstream.

Slower trucks: The US Department of Transportation is floating a 60 mph speed limit for big rigs. The lower speeds are estimated to save 500 lives per year.

We’re going to start featuring notable tweets of the week. Here’s the best one we read last week:

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