Cross Crusade gets wet and wild in the Gorge at race #3

Cross Crusade gets wet and wild in the Gorge at race #3

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Quite a backdrop for bike racing.
(Photos: J. Maus/BikePortland)

The River City Bicycles Cyclocross Crusade headed to the Columbia River Gorge for race #3 in the series with the scenic town of Cascade Locks playing host. With the steep gorge cliffs on one side and the mighty Columbia on the other, hundreds of racers enjoyed an excellent day of racing despite dire storm warnings all over the news.

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The course was extremely wet and full of big puddles; but it was very rideable except for a big run-up through the forest.

By the time of my race around 1:00 there were massive lakes on the course. Racers had a choice to make: Roll through deep puddles or the thick mud. Puddles were faster but they also had hidden rocks and other surprises lurking beneath. Unsurprisingly, most people chose the path of least resistance and plowed right through the puddles.

And as always, the atmosphere around the race was as spirited and festive as ever: Beer was flowing, vendors were cooking up tasty bites, the heckling from the crowd was strong (and more supportive than insulting). Portland’s legendary ‘cross season is in full swing!

If you missed the fun today there’s another race tomorrow in the same place! Come out to Cascade Locks and be a part of the fun.

Check out more photos below:

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A huge puddle near the finish line served as the bike wash.
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