The Monday Roundup: Planning while black, housing for cars, free bikes, sexism, and more

The Monday Roundup: Planning while black, housing for cars, free bikes, sexism, and more

We've reached peak car abuse epidemic.

We’ve reached peak car abuse epidemic.

LPI to LBI ASAP: New York City is eyeing a very sensible new law — it would allow bicycle riders to join walkers and other rollers to get a head-start at intersections via the “leading pedestrian interval” (LPI).

Fair? I’ll tell what’s fair!: We’ve all heard, “You damn bicyclists need to pay your fair share!” But how much is that exactly? Well, tried to find out.

Insights from a fellow roller: Remember Ian Mackay? He stopped in Portland on a 300+ mile ride on his wheelchair to raise awareness for good paths. Here are his final thoughts on the journey.

Transportation access and Black Lives Matter: An interview with two activists in Chicago illuminates how transportation activism intersects with our modern civil rights struggle.

Planning while black: Los Angeles bike advocate Tamika Butler challenged the planning profession to do a gut-check when it comes to race and privilege in her keynote speech at the recent NACTO conference in Seattle.

Biking up in Big Apple: A report from the New York City health authority says bike use is up throughout the city.

Straight dope on “infrastructure” spending: This very timely Bloomberg piece debunks some of the conventional political “wisdom” about “infrastructure spending.” It’s a must-read as Oregon leaders debate a transportation funding package.

A roof over your car’s roof: We’ve been covering the housing-for-cars phenomenon for months now and it looks to finally be going national. Bloomberg reports that the U.S. is building more three-car garages than one-room apartments.

San Diego, just like Portland: The California city of San Diego is at the opposite end of the west coast, but when it comes to the struggle of growth, land-use policy and transportation reform, we seem to have a lot in common.

Laws against “distracted walking”: Why don’t we have a general ban on unsafe use of the roads instead of continuing to debate and pass specific laws about distraction? I don’t care what you’re doing, if it’s unsafe, I want a cop to be able to cite (or arrest) for it.

Free bikes!: A teacher in a low-income area of South Carolina wants to buy all 650 students in her class a new bike. She’s already raised over $40,000 of her $65,000 goal.

Car abuse impacts: This is what we talk about when we talk about the negative impact car abuse has on our lives.

Out of control: Did you catch this KATU article about a place in southeast Portland where cars “careening” off the road is relatively common? Sheesh.

Cycling sexism: The former technical director of British Cycling seems to have told a female athlete to “go and have a baby” after he declined to renew her contract.

That’ll do it for last week. Make sure to send us your suggestions if you want us to consider them for next Monday.

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