Women who conquered Tour de France route now set to tell the tale

Women who conquered Tour de France route now set to tell the tale

They made it!
(Photo © Michael Robertson/Velodramatic)

They did it! It wasn’t easy, but the six woman Reve Tour team that set out to tackle the entire Tour de France route accomplished their goal. Two of them — Jennifer Cree and Heidi Swift — are from Portland and they’re back in town, ready to share the experience with the many people who supported them along the way.

Two events this month will give those of us inspired by the Reve Tour a chance to hear from Heidi and Jennifer and ask them those burning questions.

The first event is being hosted by The Portland Society, a non-profit business alliance of “professional women who are passionate about bicycling.” Here’s more from Portland Society co-founder Elly Blue:

“We are presenting a special evening event with Heidi Swift and Jennifer Cree…

They’ll talk about their experience both as an athletic feat and as an awareness-building endeavor. The state of women’s sports cycling is in an interesting place right now, and this is a great chance to learn more about the economic and cultural aspects of that side of cycling and to get inspired for whatever ambitious task you’re facing, on or off the bike. There will be lots of time for networking and meeting people before and for questions and discussion after.”

The Portland Society event (full details here) is tomorrow (8/8) from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at the Lucky Lab in North Portland (1700 N. Killingsworth). It’s open to the public, but get there early because there are only 45 seats!

And next Thursday (8/16) is Reve Tour Night at Upper Echelon Fitness in northwest Portland (1420 NW 17th Suite 388). UEF has a special connection to the Reve Tour team: Jennifer Cree is married to UEF owner Russell Cree. At this event, you’ll get the chance to see a full presentation about the trip featuring photos and insider stories followed by a Q & A session with Heidi and Jennifer. The event is scheduled for 7:00 pm (doors open at 6:00).

— Read more about this extraordinary ride through the writing of Heidi Swift published by Peloton Magazine.

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