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Industry Ticker: Velo Cult launches custom program

Industry Ticker: Velo Cult launches custom program


The Velo Cult Rando, built by Mark Nobilette.
(Photos: Velo Cult)

Our friends at Velo Cult — the famous bike/coffee shop, event space and tavern — are always up to something interesting. Their latest is the Custom Program.

Tapping into his connections to some of the best builders in the business, Velo Cult owner Sky Boyer has set up special partnerships that allow his customers to order custom, tailor-fit handmade bikes with extra-custom Velo Cult stylings and features.

Check out a few more pics and a description of the first two offerings below…

Velo Cult Rando:
A traditional Randonneur designed by Velo Cult and built by master frame builder Mark Nobilette, this Velo Cult custom is designed with classic styling and all the performance of a lightweight modern steel frame. This frame is designed for 650b x 42mm tires, specifically the Grand Bois Hetre tire. This frame comfortably fits 42mm tires and fenders with integrated fender mounts throughout. The base model already has tons of special features and many more options like a demountable frame or internally integrated lighting systems. This is a fully custom handmade frame. We will measure you for a perfect fitting custom frame and even help you build it up. Turnaround time is usually around 4 months but varies depending on Mark Nobilette’s current schedule. Email us for for more info or to put down a deposit for your new frame!





Velo Cult / Mosaic:
Velo Cult teamed up with Mosaic Cycles in Boulder, CO to offer their full line up of custom made steel and titanium frames. With Velo Cult stylings, these frames will be fully custom and tailored to fit you perfectly. Email us for for more info or to put down a deposit for your new frame!




With these models being the first in the line up, the program will scale to include Road, Rando, Cross, MTB, and Gravel offerings this year.

— Jonathan Maus, (503) 706-8804 –

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Velo Cult’s new displays bring U.S.-made products to the table

Velo Cult’s new displays bring U.S.-made products to the table


(Photos courtesy Velo Cult Bike Shop and Tavern)

Portland’s beloved “bike shop and tavern” Velo Cult has given us yet another excuse to stop in and hang out. This Saturday they’ll debut a unique way of displaying lust-worthy bike parts: tables that are topped in glass and feature components from domestic brands mere inches from your pint glass.

The idea behind for the tables came from Sky Boyer, Velo Cult’s owner. “We have so much bicycle history on display at the shop, it just made sense to find way to extend it to the bar itself.”

Boyer built the tables himself and filled them with components from his favorite domestic manufacturers. “Some are a modern representation of the brand, while others shine a light on the past, highlighting parts from the birth of the mountain bike era.”

And of course the parts are worth staring at. “If it’s drool worthy to us, then it’s gonna be on display,” he added. It’s all Boyer’s way of sharing his bike love and making his shop a fun and interesting place to be. “For us the atmosphere comes first, we want the shop to be as much fun to hang out in as possible.”

Here are a few more pics…


Bike Gallery warehouse sale!



Brands currently represented in the tables include:

  • Paul Components
  • Phil Wood Co.
  • Chris King
  • Thompson
  • Curtis Odom
  • White Industries
  • Wolf Tooth Components
  • Gevenalle

Velo Cult is having a big party on Saturday to debut the tables. Also on display will be photographs by the inimitable John Watson, author and photographer behind The Radavist. Check out the event flyer below!


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London’s cycling czar swings through Portland for two events this week

London’s cycling czar swings through Portland for two events this week


Ben Plowden.
(Photo: London Cycling Campaign)

After years of staring morosely at the world’s best bike cities just across the English Channel, London is on the brink of big changes. One of the people responsible is coming through Portland on his victory tour.

As director of surface transport strategy and planning for the regional Transport for London agency, Ben Plowden oversees almost everything on his city’s streets. In the 15 years since London regained regional autonomy, the city has introduced a hugely successful anti-congestion charge on cars entering the central city, one of the world’s first major modern bike sharing systems (now 10,000 bikes strong) and, two weeks ago, an 18-mile protected bike lane through the heart of central London.

On Thursday, Plowden will be biking from the plaza beneath Big Pink to a happy hour at Velo Cult, and you’re invited to both.

The ride and happy hour are organized by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Portland’s chapter of Young Professionals in Transportation and the Coalition for a Livable Future. Velo Cult, the combination bike shop/pub on NE 42nd Avenue in Hollywood, is offering card-carrying BTA members $1 off draft beer purchases at the event.

On Friday, Plowden will be heading west to the Beaverton Round for a morning discussion of low-car transportation in a more suburban context. That free event at the Beaverton Round has been funded by TransitCenter, the nonprofit headed by former Metro President David Bragdon.

Other hosts for the Beaverton event include the BTA, CLF, Metro, Upstream Public Health, Washington County, Westside Economic Alliance, and Westside Transportation Alliance.

We’ll be at both events ourselves, eager to hear insights from a man whose previous title at Transport for London was the delightfully accurate “director of better routes and places.” Perhaps we’ll see you there.

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Bike Mechanic Challenge will put local techs wrench to wrench

Bike Mechanic Challenge will put local techs wrench to wrench

Who’s the best bike mechanic in Portland?

Also, who’s the best mechanic in Portland at getting a slightly tipsy crowd to cheer for them the loudest?

A June 14 benefit for the Community Cycling Center is now accepting contenders and inviting onlookers. More than eight local shops have signed up so far to compete, each nominating two mechanics for the friendly competition.

It’s a first-time event here in Portland, being held at Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Avenue in Hollywood.

Competitors will race to complete four challenges: changing the front and rear brake cables, changing handlebar tape on a road bike, changing the rear tire on a quick-release hub road bike and a surprise final event, plus tie-breaking knowledge questions.

The event will run 6:30 pm to 10 pm on Saturday, June 14. Food will be available from Fuego Food Carts and beer and other beverages can be purchased from Velo Cult’s bar.

Bike shops pay $50 to compete, and public entry will cost $10 per person or $5 per person for bike industry workers. There’s also a raffle to win a new Bike Friday cargo bike. All fees benefit the Community Cycling Center, Portland’s nonprofit bike shop and biking-for-everyone advocacy group. You can register your shop to compete (PDF).

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Breadwinner Cycles launch draws huge crowd

Breadwinner Cycles launch draws huge crowd

breadwinner launch party-2

The launch of Breadwinner Cycles drew a huge crowd.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Breadwinner Cycles drew a huge crowd to Velo Cult on Friday night. The event marked the official launch of the company which was started by noted bike builders Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan (we profiled Breadwinner back in February).

At Friday night’s event, the highlight for me was the assemblage of locally owned Ira Ryan Cycles and Pereira Cycles bikes. Tony and Ira invited all their local customers to display their bikes as a way to demonstrate the lineages that produced Breadwinner. It was really cool to see all these custom bikes, banged up and dirty from being ridden on local streets by local riders. There were touring bikes, racing bikes, mountain and city ramblers, and everything in between. I was especially keen to meet the owners Ira and Tony’s first bikes sold in Portland…

Breadwinner Cycles launch party-8

Ira Ryan’s first bike…
Breadwinner Cycles launch party-9

And its owner Dee Branham.

Dee Branham is an old friend of Ira Ryan’s. Ira made this porteur bike for him back in 2004 when they worked as messengers together at Magpie Messenger Collective. Dee still uses this bike as his main delivery vehicle (alternating it with a long-john cargo bike). The bike also has the first front rack Ira ever built. Dee said it has about 100 brazings and took Ira as long to build as the frame. Special touches include a flower bud vase welded to the stem and a bottle opener on the chainstay. Given how hard and how often Dee rides (he said, jokingly, “I’m a terrible cyclist”), it’s a testament to Ira that the bike is still running strong.

Breadwinner Cycles launch party-17

Southeast Portland resident Beth Raisman and her 2005 Pereira Cycles touring bike.

Tony Pereira started his business in Salt Lake City, Utah before opening up a shop in Portland in late 2005. His first customer here was Beth Raisman. She came across Tony’s website, saw a bicycle he’d built for his wife (Lucy Burningham) and decided to put in the order. Back then, she remembered, Tony was working out of the back of an auto body shop in Sandy Blvd. Beth has taken her Pereira on many adventures since then including Seattle-to-Portland and several bike-camping trips. “It’s my beautiful, comfy, girlie bike!” she said Friday night, as happily as if she’d just gotten the bike yesterday.

Here are a few more photos from the event:

Breadwinner Cycles launch party-5

Breadwinner Cycles launch party-12

Breadwinner Cycles launch party-13

Breadwinner Cycles launch party-14

Breadwinner Cycles launch party-23

Breadwinner Cycles launch party-24

Tony (second from right) and Ira (second from left) getting well wishes from fellow bike builders Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycles (L) and Joseph Ahearne of Ahearne Cycles (R).
Breadwinner Cycles launch party-7

The story behind these two Pereiras is worth telling. Their 6′ 8″ owner Harrison Fishback got the green one stolen, so he got another one. Then the green one was recovered so now he has two!
Breadwinner Cycles launch party-3

You can’t tell in this photo, but Breadwinner debuted the new Blaq Design porteur bag with an integrated flashing LED light at the bottom.
Breadwinner Cycles launch party-19

Good luck guys!

I look forward to watching the evolution of Tony, Ira, and Breadwinner. Starting a production bike company with a full line of bikes and a promise to deliver in just a few months is much different making bikes for one customer, one at a time; but these guys aren’t afraid to dream big. And after all, they both once dreamed of having their own successful bike brand, and look at how that turned out.

Learn more at

Goldsprints debut at Velo Cult

Goldsprints debut at Velo Cult

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-3

The first annual Velo Cult Bike Shop + Tavern Goldsprints series kicked off in Hollywood Friday night.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

As we shared earlier this week, Velo Cult Bike Shop kicked off a goldsprints competition series Friday night. The first event in the series drew a solid crowd and some stiff competition. I wasn’t able to stick around long enough to see all the action (had to leave for a CRC project event); but I did shoot a few pictures of the scene. I also took a video of one of the races so those of you who aren’t familiar with goldsprints can see what it’s all about. What you don’t see in the video below is the graphical display of the racers’ speeds being projected on a screen as they pedal. This allows the crowd to root for their favorite competitor and get a real-time look at who’s in the lead. It’s exciting!

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-4

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-6

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-7

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-8

And here’s a little video;

The Velo Cult Goldsprints series continues every Friday through March 8th. Learn more at


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